Who We Are


Having been led as we believe by the Holy Spirit the Missionary Baptist Churches of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, hereby join together to advance the work of the Kingdom of God. This is to be done through discipleship making, Worship. Evangelism, Missions and Christian Fellowship. And, according to the Master's Mandate preach, teach and promulgate the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally and holistically as it is reflected in the Bible beliefs of the African American Missionary Baptist Church. We will also establish cooperative ventures within the Christian Community.

The main objectives of the Convention which are Missions and Evangelism shall be implemented through the ministries of Christian Education, Church planning and Development, Human Rights Advocacy, Religious Freedom, Economic Empowerment, Higher Education and all other Christian endeavors deemed necessary in obedience to the mandate and message of Jesus Christ. As we implement our objectives, we will be sensitive to the fact that we are predominately composed of African American churches and messengers who highly esteem our African American Biblical and Cultural Heritage.